Your first $500 from your online business in 21 days...

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Do you want to be able to decide you’re going on a trip and leaving tomorrow, without having to ask permission?

Do you want to go out and have fun, eat out with friends and family whenever you want and not worry about your money?

Do you want to take care of your mother, father, girlfriend, wife or siblings and give them everything they want?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Everyone wants this right?

Everyone wants…


Freedom in buying what you want. 

Freedom in traveling where you want. 

Freedom in making choices and not having to ask anyone for permission.

And you know you can have this. 

You know it, because other people can.

You’re smart enough to realize when others have this freedom, so can you.

It’s just a matter of understanding what those people do.

What did these people, who have this freedom, do to get to that point?

Just like you, I realized I could be one of those people at some point. 

But 10 years ago, it was different…

This is me 10 years ago, in a course to become a soldier.

This was my dream.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to join the military.

Right before this picture, I failed high school twice.


There was no point in studying, I wanted to become a soldier anyways.

(classic high school dropout😂)

From a young age I’ve always changed my dreams…

But even though I was a happy kid, in the picture above happiness was scarce.

My high school dropout days were dark…

When puberty hit my life changed.

My mind slowly started to ask some questions…

“What’s the point of life?”
“Why do I do what I do?”

Maybe you have this questions as well some times.

And nobody had an answer for me.

So, what was the point in studying?

For me, there has to be a reason. A motivation.

Now on top of these “philosophical” questions, I also started to drink and experiment with drugs…

Where I’m from, in my time, it was normal to drink at 14 years old (lol)…

This didn’t really help me at all.

I went from a happy kid, to a pessimistic, rebellious, negative, depressed teen. 

But, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

The dream to join the military was still there…

So, dropped out, joined the course, finished the course and…

Didn’t join the military.

Wait, why?

Because I realized it was not for me.

Still to this day, it attracts me.

The hard work, comradery, excitement, I love it.

BUT, I realized I didn’t just wanted to be a pawn in someone else’s game.

Why risk my life for someone else?

So now what? 

I gave up my dream, my mind still asked these life questions and I wasn’t particularly happy…


Bulgaria, summer 2016.

In 2016 I hit rock bottom.

This picture shows me after a night out.

What happened?

I have no idea…

This day goes in the books as the day I’ve felt worst of my life.

I knew something had to change.

I felt stuck in a cycle for a while already.

I was living for the weekend.

At the start of the week I felt depressed and in the weekends I was drunk to escape it.

At this point, I worked in a cheese factory full time.

My military course wasn’t completely useful though.

I learned some important lessons, like discipline.

I started working out and learned that you can work on something and not immediately see a reward.

In the gym it’s about consistency and discipline.

Keep putting in the work and eventually you’ll see results.

This was an important lesson.

Just as important as the lesson I learned from working in a cheese factory.

Because here I learned that a 9-5 job is not for me…

I woke up every morning at 6AM feeling terrible.

I hated the feeling of waking up and having to go to your job to work for someone else.

So, back to school it was…


I felt like a 6th sense opened up…

Like I was sleeping all that time and finally woke up…

Like I was blind and can finally see…

Finally I was able to take control.

This is what I felt just a couple weeks into doing a daily morning meditation.

My philosophical questions up until now were always a burden.

But, it did lead me to this point.

On a normal evening I was scrolling to Youtube, looking for the next dopamine shot.

I came across a TED talk of a guy explaining a simple 5 minute morning meditation.

I thought “why not?”.

And man o man, was I lucky…

This changed my life.

Fast forward 6 years later, I still meditate daily.

For me this was the wake up call I needed.

From here my life finally improved again.

I started to take control of my thoughts, my emotions, my mindset.

I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur and that’s what I did.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 14.27.35-min

After the cheese factory I went back to school and finished a study.

During that study I realized I wanted to setup an online business.

My passion for fitness led me to (trying to) setting up an online fitness coaching business.

I failed miserably.

No plan, no strategy & no experience.

The perfect recipe for failure.

Luckily 6 months in, I came across a course for eCommerce…

After losing money for half a year and my bank account getting close to zero, what’s a better time to invest $1000 in a course?

So that’s what I did…

Here you see my very first webshop.

Selling airsoft accessories. 

I started in 2018 and sold this webshop 3 years later after it did over 2 million in sales.

But, it wasn’t easy.

What I did when I started was advertise on Facebook.

Because I had to pay for my ads and I was already close to bankrupt, in december 2018 I sold my Playstation to buy more ads…

That’s how much risk I was willing to take.

After 3 months of losing more money, but also making some sales, finally it happened…

I cracked the code.

Here you can see a screenshot of my 4th month.

This is where I quit my job (I still worked at the factory part time).

I did it.

When I finished my study I gave myself a year to make a living of my online business.

And I did it.

Nobody believed I could.

Not even myself sometimes…

The feeling of getting this freedom was the best I felt in a very long time.

I went on a winning streak…

Month after month my sales doubled.

In no time I was making a years salary in a month.

Sometimes even in a week!

In my first year I made over a million in sales and over $250.000 in profit.

Now, 4 years later I’ve done around 10 million in sales online.

Did I ever think this was possible or that I would do this?

Absolutely not.

But, I always knew I wasn’t going to live a normal life.

I always knew I was capable of more.

I always knew my life would be different somehow.

And I’m not the only one.

I know that you, who’s reading this feel the same.

You know you can do more.

You know you don’t have to live how your parents, boss, teachers expect you to live.

You can be different.

And you know it’s not hard, you just have to do it.

Two years into my eCommerce success I started helping others.

For around half a year I coached inside a course.

Every week I helped people setup a business like me.

I did this all for free.


Because I like helping people.

Sometimes I get the question “if it works for you, why do you tell your strategy to others?”.

I’ve find that the people who ask these questions only care about money and think about themselves.

It was never about money for me.

I started in the first place, with my coaching business, for 2 reasons:

  1. My selfish reason to become financially/locationally free by working online.
  2. I wanted to help other people become healthier because fitness helped me to feel better.

From the moment I started an online business I wanted to help people.

And now I do this by teaching people to make money online.

It gives me a sense of purpose and keeps me going.

Without, I’m sure I would’ve already quit.

Over the last years I have changed hundreds of lives.

I have helped people who had nothing.

I’ve seen people go from zero to making $10K in longer than a month.

It’s a very fulfilling job and I’m not planning to stop.

I love seeing the confidence in people return.

The moment they realize they can achieve their dreams, after our society has crushed this believe, is wonderful!

I want to do the same for you.

You can do the same.

You can make money online, travel where you want, make your own decisions, take care of your family and achieve your dreams.

I promise you can.

Actually, I guarantee.

I guarantee you can make $500 in 21 days, even as a complete beginner.

All you have to do is join the 21-day challenge…

$500 IN 21 DAYS



Freecom Challenge

Ever considered starting an online store, but too overwhelmed about how?

Tried to do dropshipping but never found a winner?


The 1st of may the Freecom Challenge starts, where you will guaranteed make your first $500!

Create your webshop, setup your account, launch products and make $500.
All in 21 days.

Top guidance by top coaches

Setting up your webshop, searching products, creating ads and getting sales in 21 days seems like an impossible mission. But with the right guidance, the right strategy and surrounded by top coaches it is POSSIBLE!

Every day new video-trainings, live sessions 5 days a week and unlimited support in a private community.


Take a look in the kitchen of an expert and discover all secrets!

We will show EVERYTHING!

This has never been done before…

We are going to participate in the challenge WITH YOU.

And you will get to see everything we do.

You will see our store, our products, our ads, EVERYTHING.

I told you, this has never been done before…


A community with all the challengers

Starting an online business is often very lonely, but it doesn’t have to be…

In our challenge you will talk to others in the same position every day.

Motivate, help and encourage each other to achiever your goals!


Results of the previous 21-Days challenge!


Listen to the stories of these three students

This is your chance to KICKSTART your business!



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What's included?

21-Day Challenge

67 ,- excl. VAT
  • New video training every day
  • Discount on research tools
  • Get our custom Shopify-theme
  • No SALE, money back guarantee
  • 5 live sessions a week
  • Private community
  • 24/7 support by coaches
  • No extra video-content
  • No list with 20 biggest winners all-time
  • No weekly VIP live session with Thomas
  • No final strategy call

21-Day Challenge

197,- excl. VAT
  • New video training every day
  • Discount on research tools
  • Get our custom Shopify-theme
  • No SALE, money back guarantee
  • 5 live sessions a week
  • Private community
  • 24/7 support by coaches
  • Extra video-content
  • List with 20 biggest winners all-time
  • Weekly VIP live session with Thomas
  • Final strategy call

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