Travel the world and live from your laptop...

Without knowledge within 7 days a online business.

This can change your life completely (no BS)

You know deep down that you are capable of more than working too hard in a boring 9-5 job just to make someone else rich.

The idea of turning 50 soon and celebrating your 25th anniversary at some corporate company where the boss doesn’t even know you is your biggest nightmare!

Getting up every day against your will to build exactly NOTHING for yourself immediately makes you feel unhappy. Who does that?!

Whether you’re in school or already have a job, you constantly feel like, “Is this it now?!

Ideally, you would like to explore the world completely and be free from worries about money.

Just deciding for yourself what you do every day!

On social media or Google, you’ve come across something about making money online, but you still don’t know exactly what the best way is…

Or maybe you’ve even tried some different ‘side hustles‘, but no real money has come from it.

Still, you know: I can do this.

Let me tell you something: that’s true, you can do this.

In fact, it’s easy

My name is Thomas and 5 years ago I was in your shoes.

I’ll spare you the whole story, but in 5 years, I’ve earned more than 10 million online through my webshops.

But, it’s not about me now!

You want to know how you can do this too!

In addition to starting with ecommerce 5 years ago, I also began coaching 3 years ago.

Don’t be alarmed…

I’m not a ‘fake guru’ or ‘course seller.’

No, I mean REAL coaching.

I’ve helped hundreds of people earn more than €100,000 and dozens of people more than a million!

(that’s what happens when you’re not a fake guru but your core business is still teaching others what you know :P)

Because I’ve made this happen for more than 10 of my own webshops & thus hundreds of others…

…we have an extremely efficient strategy to get a complete beginner with 0 knowledge to set up a business very quickly and make the first sale within 7 days!

This is not something I just say… This is a GUARANTEE.

If you participate in our “7-day challenge” and do NOT make your first sale within 7 days, I’ll give you €1000.


Think of it as a kind of bet 😉

I’m so confident that anyone can do this (because I’ve done it so many times) that I’m willing to bet €1000!

The best part: you can participate for a fraction of that price.

In other words: you have very little to lose and a lot to gain!

But why am I doing this?

Simple. My goal is to free as many people as possible from the depressing 9-5, where I once was.

I know from experience how ecommerce can change your life and I want everyone to experience this…


Starts on 11th of March 2024

9/25 spots available

This is what you'll get:

This is what you're going to do:

Day 1: Build your webshop in a few clicks

Building an online webshop difficult? Well, we’re in 2023 and this is just a piece of cake with Shopify!

In this challenge you will learn how to create your own online webshop in a few clicks. We’ll show you how to get started from scratch and make it look like a professional designed store. 

Day 2: Find a good product

The second step to making your first sale is finding a good product. There are several methods to find products, but which method works best?

In this challenge we will share you the newest research tools that bring you the best results in a short time. 

Day 3: Advertise your product via Pinterest

Your webshop is online and your products are ready to be ordered, but how do you get customers? There are several ways to get traffic to your webshop, but with this challenge you’re going to use Pinterest Ads. 

YOU get coaching from Thomas who has already done +$10.000.000 in sales using this platform. All the strategies that he uses for his own business are you going to apply to your own webshop!

Day 4: Learn how to analyse ad-campaigns

There’s a lot of information thrown at you when you get started with advertising. Budgets, CTR, CPC, ROAS, all different terms that might be completely new to you. 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be difficult, we’ll explain what they are and how you can make the right decisions during advertising. Are you stuck? Just ask your questions in the Discord-community or during the livesessions.

Day 5: Optimise your webshop with powerful marketing

Your coach has already several years of experience within ecommerce, he knows exactly which marketing-strategies work and which not. 

During this challenge you can see which strategies he uses so you can do this as well for your own store!

Day 6: Process your first order using the dropship-model

KA-CHING! You just had your first order on your own webshop! Congratulations! You’re probably left with a lot of questions, so we’re going to walk you through the process over here. 

We show you what you need to do to send this order to your supplier, so they can send it directly to your customer.

Day 7: Congratulations, your first online business is a fact!

You have setup your first online business within a very short time and already made your first sale! Wow, for a lot of people it takes weeks or even months to do so! Congratulations!

With the knowledge you gained from this challenge, you can now grow your online webstore to a successfull business! Do you need more guidance from our coaches? Ask us for the possibilities.

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Top guidance by top coaches

Setting up your webshop, searching products, creating ads and getting sales in 10 days seems like an impossible mission. But with the right guidance, the right strategy and surrounded by top coaches it is POSSIBLE!


Discover the secrets of an advanced eCom entrepreneur!

We will show EVERYTHING!

This has never been done before…

We are going to participate in the challenge WITH YOU.

And you will get to see everything we do.

You will see our store, our products, our ads, EVERYTHING.

I told you, this has never been done before…

Q4, this is THE time to get started with ecommerce.

A community with all the challengers

Starting an online business is often very lonely, but it doesn’t have to be…

In our challenge you will talk to others in the same position every day.

Motivate, help and encourage each other to achiever your goals!


Results of previous challenges:

Listen to the stories of our students:

Your first sale within 7 days, GUARANTEED!


Starts on 11th of March 2024

9/25 spots available

This is what you'll get:

In order to get a compensation of $1000 when you don’t have at least one sale in the 7 day challenge you need to meet all these requirements:

  • You’ve watched all the videos in the course for the 7-day challenge
  • You are on schedule of everything inside the course and you’ve started advertising your first product maximum on the 2nd day of the challenge
  • You have attended all 7 daily live sessions from start to end
  • You store contains the following elements: – Sticky add to cart – header checkmark bar – checkmarks between title and add to cart button – payment icons
  • Your store had creditcard and paypal enabled as payment options for your customers at least from moment you started advertising until the end of the 7-day challenge
  • Your store is accessible for all visitors of the country that is targeted in your ad campaigns and all visitors must be able to make a purchase on your store
  • The store that is targeted in your ad campaigns is the same as the store you’ve stared in the 7-day challenge
  • You have done at least one optimization for every product above 1% CTR at least 24 hours after the advertising campaign for that product was launched
  • You have launched ad campaigns for at least 10 products before day 4 and at least 20 products in total before day 6
  • Of the minimum 20 products you have tested at least 8 were products that were suggested in the live sessions
  • You’re responsible for delivering proof that you have met all the above requirements. Within that proof there need to proof of what all landing pages and ad campaigns looked like of every single day. Any claim of no success and therefor the right on a compensation without proof that all requirements are met will not be paid.