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Today we will be talking about creating the perfect product page. When making the perfect product page there is a lot of things to keep in mind. In this article you find a list of things you can keep in mind when building your own productpage.

Let start of with the looks of your product page. There are tons of webshops out there that simply look terrible. It is importent to gain trust from those who visit your website. At least make sure you got a clean logo and use the same colors consistently throughout your whole website and your design matches with what you are selling.

You want a professional looking site so visitors won’t think you are some sort of scam.

When your site looks decent it is time for the next point, which has to do with the visual part aswel. I am talking about the photo’s and video’s you are using on your website. Make sure these are of high quality. People simply love high quality photo’s and video’s and it shows you’re professional and it helps to gain trust from those who visit your website.

The next 7 tips I am going to give you are called the seven principles of persuasion, 6 of which are written in the book ‘Influence, the psychology of persuasion’ written by Robert Cialdini. A must read for all marketeers so definitely check that out.

1. Social proof

Let’s start of with the first one which is social proof. You can simply add this to your website by showing experiences from previous customers, product reviews or add trust badges to your site like: ‘20.000 happy customers’.

This can take away any doubt the customers has and give them extra trust.

2. Authority

Think of a toothpaste commercial. Why do you think they always use dentists in these commercials? It is because people take information from authorised persons without questioning.

Now how do you add this to your site? One way by doing this is showing where they might know you from. Populair TV shows, radio stations, big news sites ect. This shows you are a trust worthy brand.

3. Scarcity

Ever heard of FOMO? It is short for Fear Of Missing Out. It is something every human instinctively has and marketeers use this on their landing pages.

One way by implementing this is by showing a count down timer till a certain deal stops or showing limited stocks.

4. Consistency and commitment

This principle has to do with the fact that people like to be consistent with the things they previously said or done. They want to feel good about their decisions and be consistent. So when they make a decision they always try to follow through with it because it helps with their self image and ego.

Once people have taken one step with you as small as it is. They are far more likely to perform another step aswel.

One simple way to implement this on your landing page is by asking the visitor a question where the answer is most likely yes. (ex: Do you want to improve …. or …. skill?)

5. Sympathy

Simply put, the more you like someone, the more you are prone to say yes to them. It’s that simple.

The best way to get someone to like you is by making is personal and storytelling. You can do this by adding a piece of content to your page where you tell about yourself. Make sure to make it as personal and relatable as possible.

One good way to do this is by adding personal photo’s or video’s.

6. Reciprocity

This principle has everything to do with the fundamental need or obligation to repay or return a favor. Simply put: When someone invites you to a party, you are more inclined to invite them to your party aswel. People are more likely to say yes to those who have helped them in the past.

The principle of reciprocity can be used in many ways. Basically all you have to do is give the customer something first, this can be as simple as giving your website visitors a discount code, a free eBook or a free trial of your product.

7. Unity

With unity it is all about the sense of belonging and our need to belong to a group or community. People always categorize themselves and look for other similarities in other people. This helps us feel connected and it makes us feel part of something bigger then ourselves.

You can use this principle by showing badges on your website like ‘Join thousands of happy customers’ or giving them a free membership.


The first tip I want to give you about copywriting is to always start with the biggest benefit of your product. Here you can name the problem and solution you are giving. In the first paragraph you want to emotionally trigger the visitor and convince them you have the solution they need.

In the other paragraphs you can name the benefits of your product aswel but always make sure to give a reason why your product is helping them.

You can do this by making bullet points or a summary with all the benefits of the product later in the product description. Not every visitor reads all text and most skip straight to the bullet points.

When writing a product description it is important to take away all the doubt the customer can have. So make clear how your product or service is used. For example if you are selling clothing, make sure to adding a sizing table. You can also add a FAQ of the most populair questions you get from customers.

Overall focus more on the benefits of the product in stead of focusing on the specifications.

Finally there is one more thing I want to add when making the perfect product page which is: Don’t let your customers think too much. It is important your funnel is as easy as possible and you want to make sure the important products stand out and are at the top of the product page, so people don’t have to look for it. When a customer has to think on where to click next, the chances are higher that your customer will change it’s mind and leave your website. So always make sure it is clear for the customer on where to click next.

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