Find proven to sell products online with these methods.

If you are selling products online, you probably know that product research is one of the most important things. Beginners often make the mistake by trying to sell the wrong products. Products that are already saturated or products that are simply not in demand.

Use the following 5 methods to find products that are proven to sell online. You can also watch this video where I show you the step by step proces.

Know what you are looking for

Before we dive into the research methods it is important to know what we are looking for. Use the following list as a guide when you are doing product research.

  1. Problem solving product: This obviously works really well because people are more likely to spend money on something that solves a problem. Please note: problem solving products are not necessary.
  2. Unique product: Products that are unique and are hard to find in stores tend to sell best online.
  3. High demand: Look for products that are in high demand. You can look at upward trends to see if products are in high demands. You can use tools like Google trends fo find upward trends. (Watch the video for more details)
  4. WOW factor: Products that impress people are more likely to sell online. Especially when you are trying to sell on platforms like Facebook.
  5. High margin and high perceived value: To cover your ad costs and to make a good profit make sure that you find products with a high perceived value.
Let’s get started

Research method 1: Facebook feed

With the Facebook feed it is all about finding ads of competitors to give you an idea of products that are sell well. Therefor you will need to let Facebook think that you are an engaged shopper. (Follow the steps in the video at: 3:53)

Research method 2: Ad Spy

Ad spy is a great tool to find winning products. The paid tool shows you all of the ads that are being run on the Facebook platform. You can use filters like: dates, technology, gender, likes and many more to create detailed search results.

You can use Ad Spy to find products that are currently selling well on the market but also to find products that sold well before. You can use the date filter to find such products.

Note that this tool is a paid tool with an price around $150 a month. So this tool is definitely for more advanced eCommerce entrepreneurs that have a steady cashflow.

Research method 3: Product websites

What I mean with product websites is websites like who publish winning products at the moment. These website provide you with information like profits, analytics, engagement, links and much more.

Research method 4: Aliexpress

For method number 4 we are going to use Aliexpress to find winning products. If you are either dropshipping, doing print on demand or creating a brand, Aliexpress can realy show you what products are in demand.

To find products that are in demand on Aliexpress, go to subcategories and filter on order amount. Aliexpress will now only show you products that are being sold in high amounts.

You can use this filter together with the price filter to narrow down the search results even more. Check different ranges for different products.

Pick a product and check the sales in the dropshipping centre to confirm that the product is in demand right now. You can also run the product as a keyword on Google trends to see if the product is in demand.

Research method 5: Seller Pluse

The final tool we will use is Seller Pulse. Seller Pulse show data from Aliexpress. You can use filters to find products that are selling well right now.

You can filter down by niche, date, daily orders, total orders and much more. Always check the daily sales to see if the product is selling well right now.

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