Start your journey to (financial) freedom, without spending thousands on a course (even if you're a complete beginner)...

Discover how to setup an online e-commerce business without any knowledge, and learn the strategies I use to do millions in sales on both Facebook and Pinterest...


Do you recognise yourself in the statements above? Keep reading…

You can do more in life...

Everywhere around you, you see all these people on the internet making money from e-commerce and living their dream-life.

It’s inspiring, yet at the same time gives you the feeling you should really start as well, before it’s too late…

Or maybe you already tried, but without success…

You’re not yet where you want to be, but deep down you know “If they can do it, I can do it too”

Guess what? You can.

Setting up an online business is not hard. BUT, you do need the right strategy.

You can try and do it yourself, but good luck with finding out which strategies work on a worldwide web filled with millions of strategies from self claimed “experts”…

It would take you years to figure it out if you’d have to do everything by yourself.

Instead, learn from someone that has already done it. Copy the strategy and the result will be similar.

To help you on your way, this is what you need to do:

1. Find a product

2. Build a website

3. Create an ad

4. Advertise product

4. Sell your product

With the right strategy, it's just a matter of executing...

“It’s easier said than done…”

It’s not. Well, maybe. But not the strategy part.

The hard part is YOU taking action and actually getting to work.

If you can make the decision NOW, then all you have to do is follow the strategy.

You just have to make the hours, put in the work and that’s it!

But for most, that’s the hardest part. It’s not the strategy.

Do you feel like you can do this? Do you believe in yourself enough?

Do you know that with the right strategy you can be successful?

Why 95% of online businesses FAIL...

We all know the right strategy is important, it’s common sense.

The steps I showed earlier like “finding a product, building a website, etc…”, you probably already figured that out.

We all know we need a good product. So, it’s not so much about WHAT we have to do…

It’s about HOW we do it.

Maybe you already know you need a website and you need to advertise, but you don’t know how.

You don’t know how to make a website that converts…

You don’t know how to make an advertisement that sells…

You don’t know how to find a 6-figure product…

You don’t know these things, because you’ve never done it.

So wouldn’t it make sense to find someone that actually HAS done it?

Model my strategies to achieve your own FREEDOM

If you know you can do it AND you know where to find the strategies…

What is stopping you?


My course is made to help my students from absolutely 0 to financially free.

They follow my strategies and there are multiple success cases.

Yes, they have additional coaching. But, they all follow the strategies from the course.

The course is the blueprint and the entire strategy is explained.

All you need to know to achieve success and freedom with e-commerce.

What is holding you back?

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"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

This is what you'll learn:

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The best possible start to setup your online business.

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Learn how to create and optimise your first store.

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Develop the strong mindset that is needed for success.

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Master the skills of online marketing and advertising.

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Make a plan and learn how to achieve your goals.

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Lifetime access to the course and all the updates.

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Freecom Movement Course

€397 ,- €47,-

Get unlimited access to the video training program we use to get our students from 0 to financially free and discover how to setup your first ecommerce business!

Special deal: sign up TODAY and get a FREE strategy call!

Your start to freedom...

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What does the program look like?

  • Discover the exact strategies we use to do millions on multiple advertising platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Learn how to setup your first online store and how to optimise this into a sales machine.

  • Train your mindset with a full in depth program just to get a stronger mind for success.

  • Learn the basics on how to get started with online advertising and become a marketing expert.

  • Get a full understanding of the entire online business structure and how to run it successfully.

  • If you sign up today you will get a free strategy call to get you started!

Total value: €997,-

The moment that can change your life forever...

This moment, while you’re reading this page and thinking about starting your first online business, this moment can change your entire life…

Maybe you’re not aware of the importance of one single decision, but let me tell you…

A little over 3 years ago I decided I wanted to become an online entrepreneur.

Did it work out right from the start? No. Did I fail? Yes. Many times.

I’ll explain how I got where I am now later, but believe me when I say every small decision had an impact on my results.

Like I said it didn’t work out right from the start and I struggled for months.

After working on my first business for months I literally had no income. No cash flow. No revenue. Zero.

But did that stop me? Hell no.

I decided to keep going…

At some point I changed my online business into ecommerce and this decision changed my life forever.

Without that decision I might still be working for a boss right now.

  • Still going to my 9 to 5 job feeling bad and wanting to do something else.
  • Still feeling like I’m wasting my time and know I can do better.
  • Still feeling unfulfilled and not being able to do whatever I want.

Is that how you want to live your life?

Maybe for some people it is good, but if you’re here on this page I know you want more!

I know you want to experience freedom…

  • Travel whenever you want
  • Plan you own days
  • Not stressing about money

Let me tell you one thing: IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT

All it takes is one decision, now or never…



What will this program bring me?

The beginner program is simply said the best investment for a starting entrepreneur. All facets of online success are covered in this up-to-date and comprehensive course. Normally programs like these cost at least €997+ (as seen with other gurus), however, I don’t do this for the money but purely because of my passion for contributing to your success.

I know there are so many people that want to start a business, but they’re scared or they’re skeptical. For those people I want to make it as easy and cheap as possible to start and change as many lives as possible. Because this era is so full of opportunities, it’s almost hard to not become free. All it takes for you is to start…


This course is made to help our coaching students (if you just buy the course, coaching is not included). These students are all beginners, so that’s what the video trainings are designed for. To keep it simple: yes, this is only for beginners that currently don’t have a business yet or are not making enough money from their business yet to live from.

Click the button above that says ‘get access’ and sign up. You will get immediate access to the course, so you can start working on your business right away.

No problem! If you don’t see any results within the first 60 days we will give you a full refund. To receive the refund you must have completed the entire course and must have spent at least €1000 on ads. This way we know you really tried and for you it’s a good motivation to actually get to work and use the course to the fullest.

  • Mindset training
  • Dropshipping training
  • Print-On-Demand trainig
  • Website optimization training
  • Full Facebook ads training
  • Start with Pinterest ads training
  • Email marketing training
  • Customer service training


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