Thomas Mulder

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Thomas Mulder

Business coach and eCommerce Expert

Back in 2018 my journey started by setting up my first online webshop. As many entrepreneurs know, it’s not very easy to get started from scratch. I bought a course that told me everything I needed to know and to bring myself in touch with ‘likeminded people’.

I succeed pretty fast and within a short time I became already profitable, all with a laptop and a working internet connection. Crazy right? After enjoying some good profits, unfortunately, a period of downturn followed. A lot of ad-accounts got blocked and payment processors were not pleased with the ‘new business model’.

At this moment I knew this business model was working for me so I investigated further for new solutions. And I did, I found Pinterest was a platform that had huge potential and was even cheaper that other social media platforms. It took a while, but after a few months I mastered this platform and created a strategy that makes me consistently profit. I even have a full course about getting started with Pinterest Ads called Pinterest Mastery. Already more than 1500 people got started with the help of my course!

Now with over 5 years of experience, multiple active eCommerce stores, I help other people generating an online income from behind their computer.

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